Diamond Drag Bits

I’m new to cnc and I need some assistance finding a diamond drag bit that will work with plastic (acrylic), glass and maybe some stone.
Is a rigid bit okay or is a spring loaded bit required?
Can a V-bit of 15 or 20 degrees at about 0.020" depth give acceptable results in plastic?
Hopefully not overly expensive. I understand that you get what you pay for and I don’t want junk but I also don’t want to pay too much.

Thanks for your time.

Hi Robert,

I had great success with using this bit to engrave acrylic.

90 Degree CNC Diamond Spring Loaded Drag Engraving Tool Bit
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How much difference does the angle make? Do you need a different one for different materials?

Hi Grim,
I not sure about the different materials. I really only used this tool to engrave acrylic. The manufacture states that this tool can be used to engrave brass, aluminum, fiber board, acrylic, plastic painted surface and more.

I think that they sell this tool with 3 different angles (60, 90, 120). I have the 90 and have engraved hundreds for acrylic plaques with it. No sign of ware on tip and the detail of the 90 was great.


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