Drilling holes in 1215 steel

Has anyone used the 2.2 kW Spindle to drill holes in steel?
I am drilling holes in 0.625 steel (1215) rod. The holes are 10mm (0.397").
We have clamping fixtures so movement isn’t an issue.
We currently use an older Powermatic drill press as it is faster than using theBridgeport.

Wondering if possible to use Journeyman with a 2.2 kW spindle?
Any Thoughts?

I am a hobby machinist and also own a OF JM. I would never attempt to machine steel with a OF and certainly not drilling holes of that size in that thickness material.

Drilling holes in steel requires far lower rotational speed than the turndown of even a German water cooled spindle can achieve. A Chinese spindle is far worse.

Add to that the deflections you would get in the X,Y and Z would be a big issue. The Z stepper couldn’t handle it. I believe you would destroy the machine.

Sounds like you need a better drilling setup. Buy yourself an Ellis drill press with power feed. I sold a Powermatic and replaced it with an Ellis.

Here’s the Ellis at work.


I have. My 2.2kw (220v 10A) spindle is a 4-pole motor, though (most are 2-pole).

I have posted details here.