Dust Boot Bake Off

Hey Adam,
Just ordered the Big Suck. Currently I remove the hose from my dust boot, connect that hose to a 4’ or so length of hose via another magnetic connection and use it to vacuum around my CNC. Do you sell a connection that would work like that? I guess it would be another connection like the one that connects to the hose on the big suck.


I’m sure I can come up with something. I can immediately offer a pair of mag lock rings and another air hose adapter. I don’t think that does exactly what you want though. I think you’d need 1 mag lock connector and a new type of air hose adapter that fits inside it and emulates the top of the Big Suck’s sweep. That would allow you to magnetically couple two air hoses. Is that what you need?


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Yeah, that’s what I need. I want to connect 2 air hoses. If you came up with something I’d buy it. I love cleaning up my spoil board and surrounding area using my dust collector after a job.

I designed and printed a test part that I needed to make this work. It was very straigt-forward. Here’s a link to the new product:

However, I’m going to design some sort of brush to attach to the end also. That’s my next project today. I mention that in case you’re interested, so you could wait a day or so and save a few dollars on shipping.

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Thanks Adam. I’ll wait for the brush.