Dust extraction recommendations

Hi all
Finally got my woodworker ordered so I’m now on the enclosure design and build.
Is anyone using anything like this as a dust extraction unit?
I was looking at a good wet/dry vacuum cleaner but this looks cheaper and maybe more suited???
Thanks in advance

I am sure you are probably aware and also probably not in the US, but that is a 220 volt Vac.

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That I am. Currently patiently waiting for a delivery of 3 large boxes in Scotland :slight_smile:

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I have no experience, but 13amps at 230v is fairly massive. The website says 1.2Kw, but I calculate 3Kw (13*230) instead - not sure why the disconnect.


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13A /230V is the standard household UK supply. You’re right, it works out at around 3kW maximum. I believe this has a 1200W motor so its well under the maximum 13A limit.
Anyway, I think I’m going to use a vacuum cleaner as I have one spare. If it’s no good I can change it later on :slight_smile: