Easel hole diameter

Newbie. Just got my X-50.
Trying to discover the perfect diameter for my Festool 20mm dogs.
So, I want to create several holes of increasing diameter and then try the Festool dog in each and pick the best diameter to use for the spoilboard. I’ve seen this on youtube.

Using 1/4 end mill.
When I enter a hole diameter of 20.05 mm the entry field ALWAYS rounds to the nearest tenth.
This happens for all diameters if the value is in the hundreths.

Is the X-50 not able to produce a 20.05 mm hole?
Is this a limitation of Easel?
Is this a limitation of all woodworking CNCs?


0.1mm is approx 0.004 inch. 0.05mm is approx 0.002 inch. You are really pushing the physical limits of the machine to get that sort of resolution

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Yes, thats a crazy small distance.
So, then this is a limitation with the Onefinity or maybe woodworking CNC in general and I accept that.
Then the gcode produced must use the rounded values. That seems odd.
Why not use the unrounded values and let the machine do the best that particular machine can do?

I am not a software developer so cannot answer that question. Using easel, you can only input to 0.1mm resolution but you can go down to 0.001 inch resolution, so just use imperial. 20.05mm/25.4 = 0.789 inch, which is 20.04mm. 0.790 is ~20.07mm.
I doubt any dogs etc are all the same to within 1 thou. Metal ones maybe but will expand/contract due to heat and plastic ones will vary. Also, wood will change and mdf will wear.

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