Elite foreman power button not working (Solved)

My power button won’t work on elite foreman. I press it an the machine won’t turn off. I have to unplug it to power down. When I plug it back in it will turn back on. Any ideas? The green light is still on around the button.

I have the same issue. I contacted support, they know about it and will be sending replacement buttons and a new face plate soon. Reach out to them via email and let them know.

I had the same button design on a large boat I owned. They failed so regularly that the manufacturer sent me a huge bag of them ($$). They were happy to do so as they also were moving away from them.

Off to a great start. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

From the samples we’ve taken, some of the switches in our first batch have prematurely stopped working correctly. We’ve sourced a higher quality switch (that is a bit larger, so the front plate will be changing too). They are scheduled to arrive late next week. (If you’ve received your machine after 4/12/23, your Elite machine will already have the new switch)

If you currently have a machine and experience any power switch issues, please email support@onefinitycnc.com and we’ll get you fixed up with a new switch under warranty ASAP!


oh thank god… I thought I wasn’t using it in correctly.

Are the buttons not the ones Masso ships to its own customers when they sell the Masso Touch?