Elite series portability

Please look into making the rolling folding tables for these Elite series of CNC’s. I really want one for the Elite Foreman.

You would t be able to fold it, it’s too big and too heavy.

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I’ve been researching this as I too need the foreman to be movable (occasionally) in the shop.
I am in the process of designing a replacement insert for the foot that will allow a larger, leveling caster to be used in place of the current leveling foot.

Alternatively, you could use an off-the-shelf caster that matches the 3/8" thread that 1F uses, Only downside is the casters would be lighter weight as the 3/8" thread is to be truthful a little ‘weak’ (used generally for chrome shelving that you see sold at home depot and used as kitchen storage)

I will design an insert, that has a 1/2" thread which has many more options for casters. I will share once complete

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