Foreman Rolling Folding Stand

I know that Onefinity doesn’t recommend using the Rolling stand with the Foreman. I’m guessing this has to do with three things Rigidity, Weight and parts.

  1. Rigidity
    It seems that rigidity wouldn’t really be an issue because the added size is along the more rigid Y-axis sides. I’m also not looking to do highly detailed CNC’ing. I’ll be milling cabinets, and the QCW should have the necessary rigidity. Am I wrong here?

  2. Weight
    For the Journeyman they recommend being able to deadlift 100lbs. I rep over 400lbs for deadlift, so I’m not concerned with the weight.

  3. Parts

  • It looks like the way the legs are attached would work for the Foreman (am I wrong?).
  • They already have cross members for the Foreman’s Rigid Stand’s legs that could be used with the Journeyman’s Rolling Stand to add the necessary width between the legs. (am I wrong?)
  • Leaving just the curved stand, which I could either cut and add tubing across the middle, or have one made.

What do you guys think? Feasible? Doable?

Thanks in advance!