Thoughts on QCW/Rolling Stand and WW Pro

I finally got all of the pieces of my Woodworker Pro, including the Stiffy, and I have assembled everything and wanted to provide my thoughts on this configuration.

As I mentioned elsewhere, I have had the QCW with Rolling/Folding stand for a couple of years so I could “test fit” it to my garage shop and make sure I had space for the CNC and a full size car and Ford 150 pickup. The good news is that I got everything into the garage yesterday after assembling the 1F, and while things are very, very tight, it does fit with the Woodworker Pro folded up and rolled into the corner in front of the truck. I will share pics later.

There is one (fairly major) downside to this configuration. All in, it is very heavy, and a bit awkward to “roll out”, but particularly to unfold the leg on the wheels side. The technique I have seen in YouTube vids of unfolding and setting up the legs involves lifting the side with the wheels and snapping the legs in place with your foot. For example, this vid from Myers Woodshop:

I am not criticizing this technique, but my unit is probably a bit heavier, and standing on one leg while “curling” the side of the stand does not seem like a stable or safe operation for me. (I am in fairly good shape, and lift weights regularly, but not this much weight.)

I am looking into some options for lifting aids (short of a motorized winch), and will report back if I come up with something to help with this.

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