Engraving Stainless and Foam!

Hi community, complete newbie here and buying my first CNC. I may be looking for a unicorn, but I’m trying to find a CNC that will fill all my needs.

I manufacture custom hunting rifles and as such, I have to put the ATF required markings on them. Since the majority of the actions are Stainless (usually 416) I need to find a CNC to accomplish this. The markings only need to be 0.003” (0.08mm) deep and about 0.125” or 3-3.5mm tall.

Secondarily, I cut custom cases with a hot wire currently and it sucks. Hard to do and one little slip and I’m starting over, not to mention the fumes. I’d like to be able to cut the foam on a CNC so it looks better and honestly takes the stress off me! Plus, it would be cool to add a little custom flare to the case.

So my question is, would the Onefinity be capable of doing both these tasks?

I’ve seen the Shapeoko do these two things, so I’m assuming the Onefinity would also, it seems like a more robust machine than the Shapeoko. But before I drop the $$ I thought I’d post it to the community and get some feedback!

As a side note, once I have one I’d these I’m sure I’ll cut wood and the more common materials just because it would be cool to do!

Thanks in advance all. I’m sure you be hearing a lot from me with more questions as I get going!

Hi Jim and welcome to the forum.
I remember a couple of videos, one from Winston Moy w/ Carbide 3D and another from Stepcraft. Both used some specialized bits and as with everything, it is all down to speeds and feeds.
Another idea that I have not tried is a diamond drag bit rather than machining stainless steel. You would just need the clearance around the area for the drag tip.

Jim, .003 depth is hardly anything. Really amounts to engraving the stainless not the same as machining large amounts of metal removal. That tiny amount of load should be nothing for the 1F. The proper bit, speeds and feeds are important. On the foam, if you can cut it with say a roto-zip bit or similar of course you can use the 1F. Sounds like a great way to get’r done.

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@Flatwater i have a diamond drag engraver cheapest one on eBay and it goes fairly detailed see photos I think this was a stainless steel plate but I’m not a metal guy! Text was at 10mm, 5mm, 2.5mm and 1mm high

Hope that helps a little

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Awesome! Thanks so much guys for all the feedback!

On the etcher, can you run it so there are a couple lines side by side or in close enough proximity that it makes the print look wider or stand out more? If not, what you have in the pics would meet my needs for sure.

Also, just curious what software you all are using? I have access to fusion 360 through my son. Just thought I’d use that since he could teach me some basics since I’ve never used any modeling or CAD software before…

This was a single line font you could do a standard font and use the fill option so it looks bolder, I’m using ventricle software