Can the Journeyman X50 engrave on granite and marble?

Hi all, I am new to the forum and mostly new to CNC as well. I would like to engrave images ( people, faces, animals) on Hard stone such as granite and marble ( memorials) As well as wood and other materials. But pertaining to “ hard stone” , I realize I would have to keep the bit misted, but I’m wondering if anyone has done this and if so then what bit did you use?
How do you keep it wet ( water or oil of some type) and what settings? Being new to most of this, I would plan on using easel software.
Any help would be appreciated thank you.

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There are some videos on YouTube doing this very thing.

Should be doable with a drag bit.

I always cringe when I see this question asked. While the machine is probably capable with the correct bit, I can’t help but think it’s the equivalent of dusting the linear bearings & ball screws with fine sand.


If I carve my own headstone, the machine can be buried with me. :rofl:


Ross @Kingswarrior, hey Bill, hey all,

:slight_smile: I agree

I think like when milling metal, you would try to use a workpiece flood coolant from a nozzle. I have see marble being cut under a water flood.

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Hi Expressomatic and AuntJemima, I checked the YouTube videos and couldn’t really find a specific answer as to what settings and bit (s) being used. But I may have missed something and I will check again, thank you.
Machinist, good point about the dust, i’m not sure if there’s a way around that or not, although it seems like some type of constant suction at the point where the bit meets the material would help a lot? Then again, it may not. ( I have seen that there are specific CNC machines Designed for marble and granite however, there is not a lot of information out there on these but I would assume those machines would cut other materials as well as I believe pretty much that a CNC machine is a CNC machine?)
My experience thus far was about five years ago with a shark machine and Vcarve desk. After a couple of weeks, of making very little progress, I gave up on it, but I have watched the easel videos and that seems to be a much easier way to go or to at least give it another try. Thanks all for your input, Ross. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Try a google search for diode laser engraving granite. With the Jtech from Onefinity It may give you what you’re looking for.

I wouldn’t. it will get into every crevise no mater what you do, and the mud like water splatter would not be healthy for the machine either.

Hi Chris, thanks for the reply. I actually do have a 10 watt and a 20 watt diode from X tool.
I’d like to get the image deeper into the stone than with my laser, but from the replies that I have gotten, it appears the best way to put in the image into granite is by laser. I still plan to get the onefinity for woodworking.

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Thanks for the reply, Robert. It sounds like CNC is not the way to go for granite or marble. I do have a couple of lasers but i wanted a deeper image.
As for sandblasting, i’d really like to get much more detail than sandblasting could provide. It’s starting to sound like my best bet is going to be a high-powered laser.

This looks interesting. CNC stone carving.

Hey Chris, hey all,

and by the way, in the videos on that page, you can see how a milling motor performs that is one of those that I call the Best milling motor solution for hobbyists and semiprofessionals, and how nice it would be if the Request for such a 43 mm “Euro” mount on the Onefinity was already there…

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