Carving a Limestone Slab

Has anyone here used their Onefinity to carve an address into limestone? To have this done commercially, a $20 slab turns into a $250 slab with four numbers carved into it.

If you’ve done something like this, what kind of bits did you use? Was it hard on the machine? Any advice to share?




I have only sandblasted but not ground with a bit…

Thank you Jon! A solid carbide bit. Yes, I bet that gets dull in a hurry. I’m surprised the carbide hasn’t chipped. I wonder if stone engravers use a different style bit or a bit with a different tip composition?

I laughed a little when I saw the video was titled “carving stone on homemade CNC” to describe the x carve.

…And I would personally use water for cooling, chip clearing and to maintain the bit’s integrity/sharpness throughout the tool path.