Granite/ stone info?

-Is there information about stone carving with a cnc?
I tired slate with the OF woodworker. It seemed pretty messy and I was worried that I could be braking something.

-Can the OF get wet?

I’ve looked around for bits and an for entry level machine that is capable, but I am not sure what I should be looking for?
brushless motors
220-V high-torque step motors
Internal tool cooling water
spindle. 3.2 kW

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Slate is a very flaky stone, did you use water with diamond bits and vacuum?

I will also be cutting marble with my cnc next week

Please let me know how it goes.

Stone dust is different than wood chips/dust.
I found some information about ramping the cuts.

Water is a must. Not getting water on the OF is tricky. I haven’t seen information about water and the OF?

Yeah, diamond bit.

I’ll be building my setup next week, I’ll send and post photos of it, I got a good idea for water, water drainage, staying dry etc.

Now I just need help with actually running the machine lol