EP 14 Onefinity CNC - Simple 3 Part Mallet (As seen at WorkbenchCon 2023!)

If you work with wood, you probably use a joiners mallet. Most woodworkers make their own, and there are a million different designs out there, so here’s our take on it. This mallet is made of just 3 parts that can be cut out on your CNC in just a few minutes.

If you want to brand your mallet, or personalize it for someone else, this video will explain how to do that with this design. Assembly is even easier - the three parts nest together to keep them properly aligned while gluing them together. Simple, elegant, and effective!

Free Vcarve files with pre-programmed toolpaths are available on the Onefinity user forum HERE, as well as DXF and SVG vectors for non-Vcarve users.

3 Part Mallet v2.dxf (415.9 KB)
3 Part Mallet v2
3 Part Mallet HANDLE v2.crv (17.5 KB)
3 Part Mallet SIDES v2.crv (4.3 MB)

Also, stay till the end of the video for a bonus tip. We used the “waste material” from cutting out these parts for a whole other piece, making it a zero-waste project!

Used in this video:
BB’s: https://amzn.to/3YVjozw
Woodglue: https://amzn.to/3ZKxCEN

If you got one of these at @WorkbenchCon , let us know in the comments!


Quick question. I didn’t see any vectors for the alignment pins or weight cavities for the toolpath files in for the mallet sides. There are only vectors for the engravings and, of course, the profile. Am I missing something, or do we need to import the .dxf file to complete that portion of the project?

I am with you on this. Wondering if it missing.

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I can’t download the files for the mallet because my virus program says it’s infected with a blacklist virus. Is there any other place to get the files. Please and thank you.

Finally downloaded the Mallot files. Never seen anything like this before. Even the through holes were not round. Gave up and made my own files kind of like the 3 part mallot. Cut it last night and came out perfect.