EP8 Onefinity CNC - 3 Part Shop Stool - Free Cut Files!

A reliable stool is a must-have in the workshop. Check out this incredibly
simple shop stool we designed to be cut on your Onefinity CNC!
It’s made of just 3 plywood parts, cut with just one bit (¼” diameter spiral endmill), and
goes together without tools, fasteners, or glue. The stool doesn’t require much material,
and it’ll get a ton of use in your shop, home, or wherever you need a place to sit.
In this video, we’ll go over the ins and outs of designing parts and joinery that’s right for
your material, and the capabilities of your machine.
FREE cut files with pre-programmed toolpaths as well as .DXF vectors are available for
download on the Onefinity User Forum HERE.
PLEASE NOTE The designs provided are based on a specific material thickness, and
the .crv files were created in, and can only be opened in Vcarve 11. The trial version of
Vectric cannot open them. For non-Vectric users, here is some general toolpathing
Job size: 48” wide, 24” height, .72” thick (use a caliper to double check your material
XY Datum: Center of material
Bit used: ¼” diameter, downcut spiral endmill
Feed rate: 120 inches per minute (cutting at .125” per pass)
The stool was designed with Shapr3D, and toolpathed with Vcarve 11.

Files HERE:
3 Part Stool FINAL.crv (425 KB)
3 part Stool FINAL.dxf (146.9 KB)
3 Part Stool FINAL


Is the top not meant to fully fit into the “pegs”? I noticed the legs only insert into the seat 0.5"
Is this part of the


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How tall is this stool?

Is there an SVG file available as well as it is mention on the YouTube video, but I don’t see it here?

DXF above is basically the same thing as the SVG.

Question, I am fairly new to my cnc but wanted to try and make this. I use Carveco Maker so I imported the .DXF file. I am unsure do I use outside,inside or along for my profile toolpath? Thank you

Hey Jesse,
If you choose outside, the bit will cut to the outside of the vector that you have chosen.
If you choose inside, the bit will cut inside the chosen vector. Along will cut along the chosen vector, leaving you with a cut that will be the radius of your bit size inside and outside the chosen vector. For a through cut for your outside vector, chose outside. If you are cutting through on the inside of your model, such as an eye you would then pick inside to keep the same shape as you have in your model. Hope this helps, Cheers


Thank you @Neil , that is a great explanation and does help.
I guess what I meant in my original question is did it matter with the file @MorganHop shared. I watched his YouTube video as well but really didn’t say inside,outside or along and I didn’t know if it would matter. Thank you again Neil

The part outlines are all outside cuts. The 4 holes in the seat are inside cuts.

Ugh I have spent all day trying to run this file. I keep getting an X axis error message. X axis is -297 mm less than the minimum soft limits.
I have shrunk it down to 40” wide. I have tried placing it in different areas to probe.
I am at a loss. Any suggestions on where I can go to figure this out? Love the design, I really don’t want to blow it off.

that would mean your X toolpath is outside the cutting area (to the left (-) ) by 297mm. Check your file XY zero (origin) point, vs where you are physically probing. They must match.

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If you are using V-carve I bet you have the XY Datum set to the center.