EP7 Onefinity CNC - CNC Dovetail Half Laps - Woodworking Joinery

We all know that the most accurate way to cut furniture parts is with a CNC, right? We often see Onefinity users cutting out furniture parts by machine, then moving to a secondary process like drilling dowels or cutting mortises to assemble their projects.
Let’s take one step out of the process by cutting the part with joinery on the CNC. In this video, Morgan shows us how he strengthened some simple butt joints by adding a dovetailed half-lap, cut by CNC. Not to mention, adding a little class to the piece. This adds a TON of glue surface to the joint, and helps to keep the parts properly oriented during assembly. The parts for this project were designed with @Shapr3D exported as 2D vectors (DXF or SVG), and imported into @Vectric Ltd V-Carve https://www.onefinitycnc.com/product-page/v-carve-pro for toolpathing.
For your next project, consider ways you might incorporate joinery into your toolpaths - we’d love to see it! Share your projects with us by tagging/mentioning Onefinity on social media! Instagram: @onefinitycnc TikTok: @onefinitycnc Facebook: Onefinity

4 Leg Base ALL PARTS.dxf (207.1 KB)
Dovetail Half Laps SAMPLE.crv (186.5 KB)
Dovetail Half-Laps.dxf (148.5 KB)