EP 18 Onefinity CNC - Make Jigs With Your CNC

The CNC is an amazing machine all on its own, but it’s ever more powerful when used in conjunction with the other tools in your shop. In this video, Morgan makes a table saw sled, using the CNC to create positive stops for extremely accurate angled cuts. With just two locating pins (or dowels), you can set the angle and make crosscuts on the table saw with cnc-like accuracy. This is just one of the many ways you can use your cnc to get better results from the other tools in your shop. Make sleds for the bandsaw, custom squares with unique angles, fixtures for repetitive assembly processes, the sky’s the limit!

If you want to make this sled for yourself, the router bit, miter slot runner, and dovetail hardware can be found here…

Microjig 360 Sled Kit - https://www.microjig.com/products/360-sled?sca_ref=2335071.0JUPwZmL5A

Dovetail Router Bit - https://www.microjig.com/products/dovetail-bit-14-12?sca_ref=2335071.0JUPwZmL5A

Cut Files:
Dovetail Sled v2.dxf (190.7 KB)
Dovetail Sled v2.crv3d (3.2 MB)
Dovetail Sled v2.crv (3.2 MB)
Dovetail Sled v2.art (616 KB)


Great concept and video, Morgan!

What’s the black rotary cam-clamp thing on your sled? I haven’t seen that before.

Hey Dennis,
They are on the @MorganHop Etsy shop! Here’s the link! Flying Saucer Hold-down/cam Clamps for CNC Workholding 2 - Etsy

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Thanks Morgan. Looks like you’ll need to print some more – I snagged the last two that were in stock!

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