Upside Down Onefinity

This is a thought experiment for me while I wait for my onefinity to arrive.

Has anyone used their Onefinity upside down?

Why ask? Well I’ve seen somewhere someone using a CNC like a table router (fixed router and pushing work past the bit and a fence; cnc in normal position). Made me think, given the excessive size of the Onefinity Journeyman (for example) could it replace other tools in the workshop.

My router table takes up space. A flipped Onefinity with sufficient bit protruding through top (which I assume is possible as even people seen to plough their bits into the wasteboard.) would give a router table with accuracy of a kreg lift and accuracy to place the bit in the x axis (no fancy incra fence)…

Can it replace a Leigh FMT jig (used for mortice and tenons) by using a gap in the end of the table with a vertical fence (I’ve googled similar arrangements for dovetail jointing and came across Shaper CNC advert videos promoting a similar set up)?

Any other thoughts or novel ways to use the rigidity of the onefinity CNC?

I’m planning a combo table where removing a panel from the QCW secure from above frame will reveal a vertical table with clamping for end of board routing. I will sell my FMT.

Also considering combining my Leigh dovetail jig to hold boards while Onefinity cuts. I’m dreaming up dovetail shapes.

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I also have FMT and Dovetail jigs from many years back. You may beat me to the set-up, so I’d like to hear your story and see the setup if you do.


First is to receive my Onefinity with a few weeks to go

But startup and fixture design may wait a couple of months - busy summer