EP 15 Onefinity CNC - Remote Control Your CNC!

In our last video New Product Announcement | Onefinity Pocket CNC, we jokingly mentioned a Onefinity
smartphone “app” that would function as the touchscreen interface that comes standard
with every legacy machine. Even though the “Pocket CNC”, an adorably small and
hilarious concept was a complete work of fiction, there was a lot of interest around the
web-based interface, which is as real as the air we breathe!

In this video, we’ll show you how to connect your Onefinity CNC to your home network
over WIFI, and control it with your smartphone, tablet or computer. Not only can you
control your machine remotely, we’ll show you some additional tools that allow you to
monitor it in real-time, and remotely power on and off your router and dust collector,
putting the entire machining process in the palm of your hand.

  • Web-based CNC interface
  • Home security cameras to monitor the progress of your carve in real time
  • Wifi enabled smart plugs for your router and dust collector

Alexa Smart Plugs\ https://amzn.to/40vhM0x
Webcam\ https://amzn.to/3L4fr82

******* PLEASE NOTE *******
It’s NEVER a good idea to leave your CNC unattended during an operation for long
periods of time, and nor do we recommend getting too far away from your machine
while in use, should anything go wrong. The intent of this video is to share tools and
resources to enhance your machining experience, not to excuse you from it. Please use
the information in this video responsibly. Or else…

*note, this is only applicable to the X-35/X50 BB controller machines and will not work on the Elite machines.