EP 9 Onefinity CNC - Make New Wood Look Old With Your CNC!

Have you ever tried to replicate the look of reclaimed/salvaged (basically, old) lumber with new wood? No question, authentic reclaimed wood is a hot commodity, and it comes with a hefty price tag. Various distressing and finishing techniques can be used to imitate the look of reclaimed wood, but there’s one signature characteristic that’s difficult to replicate - arced blade marks.
In this video, we’re going to use the CNC to recreate that old-world character on new wood. If you like the look of reclaimed wood, give this method a try!

Job size: 34” wide, 7-½” height,
.4” thick (but not really)
XY Datum: Center of material
Bit used: ¾” diameter straight bit
Feed rate: 150 inches per minute

Vectors for this toolpath were designed in Shapr3D and tool pathed in VCarve 11.

Sawmill Blade Marks.dxf (124.1 KB)
Arced Blade Marks.crv (307 KB)