Error Y Axis -- Minimum soft Limit

Okay, I just don’t know “exactly” what it is that I am doing wrong. I just got my 1F woodworker Wednesday, set everything up. And I wanted to start carving over the weekend. But since it’s my very first time at this, I am of course, hitting a few “gotchas”. I hope someone will be so kind to tell me what I am doing wrong. I’m sure it’s something silly.

I have a basic eagle head (circle) that’s going to be recessed into a 12’ x 12” pine board 3/4” thick. Nothing fancy, just my first test project.

  1. I fired up the 1F
  2. I homed all axis (Top Right Corner house)
  3. Inserted Endmill 1/4 Flat
  4. Probed X,Y,Z with the onefinity bitsetter
  5. Loaded first Toolpath (Rough)
  6. Turned on Makita Router
  7. Pressed Play

Please help me

Not sure if this post will help.

I do not have my 1F yet, so unfortunately can offer no real-world machine experience.

Hi Jennifer, by any chance, is your tool path forcing the bit outside of the soft boundary?

Hi Micro,

Can you please elaborate for me (Noobie Jenn). :slight_smile:

BTW, I tried using the included TeamOnefinity.ngc file, and it’s still off, my work material is about 7" into the worked, both X and Y, see photo.

Hi Jenn - just checking - did you home and then zero x/y (and z)? Some times the parser gets confused until those operations are done.
*** though now I see in the picture it says you homed so maybe zero? ***

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Hi Jen, just covering the basics. Where is your work origin point? When you created your carve tool path in software did you set your carve origin to lower left or work center?
If your software carve origin was work center and you happen to set up as lower left for work origin, half of the tool path would be approaching Y0.0 or possibly go Y negative if the tool path was larger than the seven inches from soft Y0.

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Hi Guru!
I Did the following:

1st - I homed all axis (Top Right Corner house)

2nd - Probed X,Y,Z with the onefinity bitsetter


Hey Micro,

I did my work in Aspire, here’s the job setup:

work two

Jen, Try setting your XY Datum to lower left. Your setup shows it’s work center.


Jen, or set your bit to the center of your work and zero there, you won’t have to recalculate your tool paths.

I could try that… It’s actually starts out at trying to start my cut here, see the red arrow. I immediately E-Stop, for fear of loosing my Bit, and causing Chaos

In your software (Aspire in this case) you’ve told it the current datum (carve origin) is in the center of the work , see the image you shared. If you touched off your X, Y, Z at the bottom left you have two conflicting origins. Don’t go by where the machine wants to start carving, that will drive you crackers trying to figure out. The XY Datum in Aspire Job setup is the point where all the tool paths will be calculated. If you set Aspire to Center of work and touch off with your xyz probe in lower left you’ll get what I believe your seeing. The two origins have to match. This is independent from machine zero, we’re talking work zero here.


I see, thanks so much. I just recalculated tool paths and will try again. Here are two more photos, Im not sure why in onefinity the carve is appearing to be on the top right corner, and in aspire it shows that its in the center of my material… see tow photos

Might be…a strong maybe…that if you didn’t change the file name, the Onefinity still remembers some of the settings prior to redoing the toolpath??? Just go back and change the file name by at least one character with the new toolpath and load that into the Onefinity.

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Well so far the roughing path has about five minutes to complete, I think this was a very good lesson learned and I thank you so much! :smiley:

I will post my birdie after the carve is complete

Thanks again guys!


Aspire defaults to the center–which is great for creating your project, but you do have to remember to change it to the lower left corner before creating your tool paths. It’s caught me a couple of times, just about 1000 more times and I’lll start to remember to change it every time…

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Point well taken, thanks so much Chris! It would probably take 1001 more times :blush:


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Wow Jennifer
For just starting your first carve
You’re set up first class t track etc.
I have a question where did you get your hold downs? They look super cool

Hi Greg,

Thanks! They are Shop Fox Cam Clamps Model D3347

Get them on Amazon, totally awesome!

I use these edge clamping method, this involves applying pressure to the material from opposing sides in a similar way that a vise holds stock.

It’s cool, allows you to profile the outside of a piece if edge clamping or top clamping would interfere. Allows full access to top of surface. It’s a fast tight lockdown. I swear by them!


Chip’em up baby! :blush:

I also use wood biscuits or chips, to prop up my material, they are about an eighth thick, and can offer long life to your waste board. Yeah this was one of my very own ideas. I’m so proud. :crazy_face:

Just pop a chip under each corner…

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