Carving something 48" wide

Hello, I am trying to carve something that is 48 x 24. I do my probe x,y,z and it gives me an alarm.

Y axis position -0.408mm is less than minimum soft limit 0mm
While executing GCode block:G1 X0.25 Y0 Z0 F9
At: ./upload/1jun 2023
Caused by: Y axis position -0.408mm is less than minimum soft limit 0mm.

on my main screen my y is yellow and says under in the tool path coloum. It will go ahead and start carving for a bit then the alarm will come up again and pause. I hit play again after I check everything and it will go again but not to the next step it will just keep doing the same step over and over again. The clock will not start going down to compleation, and progress will not show. I know that 48 is its max cut right? also before I started putting the wood in place I moved the bit over to its far left and down home postion, and put the wood corner there and then mover the bit to the other right side. It stopped right on the corner. My actual carving area is 47.5, am I missing something or have i messed up a setting someplace that I am unaware of?? thanks

I believe your Y position is slightly too far to the left. Move it slightly to the right (at least .408 mm.


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yeah i was thinking the same thing but my rough pass said the same thing but still finished the pass. If i move it now it will mess up my carve. Also i just checked the thickness on my carve on both sides and it does look to stand to be moved over to the left more. I am thicker on the right side then on the left. also i get why it would pause after an alarm but you know why it would just keep running the same step over and again not going to the next step.

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