Y axis toolpath no fit for surfacing wasteboard

Go my machine yesterday and got it setup and was going to surface my wasteboard today. I modeled in fusion as 32" x 32". When I loaded into the onefinity I get the error message

“Y axis position -13.97mm is less than minimum soft limit 0mm
While executing GCode block:N35 G0 X0.4509 Y-0.55
At: ./upload/Surface.nc:19
Caused by: Y axis position -13.97mm is less than minimum soft limit 0mm”

I rebooted and homed the machine then did z probe. Not sure if it matter but my surfacing bit is 1" in diameter.

It looks like your cutting path is trying to cut in front of the machine.
Hard to tell exactly what is causing this exactly but it could be that the WCS (in the CAM setup) sets the origin at the wrong place.

Probing the Z axis will not help. You can see in the screenshot that the problem is clearly with the Y axis (front to back).

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Thanks Ben. I was able to fix it. For some reason the fusion 360 gcode had it start at X0.45 Y-0.55. So that that the 32 y length cut wouldn’t fit. I edited the gcode to start at X0 Y0.

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@rockytoptim Can you tell me which program you used for editing the gcode? I’ve been looking and hoping there’s a free one but if not, I’ll live.

Any text editor will do. visual studio code, notepad, or whatever comes bundled with your computer

I would check your F360 setup as you should not have to hack your code; wcs offsets, material to leave maybe?

I’m actually using easel and loading that onto the OF. I’m having Z axis issues. I do have f360 but it looks pretty daunting to get into.