Estimated Time Missing

Onefinity support had me reinstall the OS in order to fix a problem with the display. Now, the ETA says invalid date, there is no time remaining, and progress stays at 0% when running jobs. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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I often have the same issue - curiously, the date/time remaining will still be showing on my wifi-connected laptop even when the Invalid Date is displayed on the 10 inch HDMI

So the first run after I reinstalled the OS had no ETA information; however, my next 2 runs have both displayed the ETA info. I’m not sure why that happened, but it appears to be functioning correctly now.

I just had this happen on my touch screen. But when I loaded on the computer it was fine. I wonder if you refresh the screen if it comes back?

I’ve encountered this issue as well. I haven’t yet done any real troubleshooting, but it does seem pretty random.

And generally, it is the ETA as well as the line count and the progress.

In my case the line count was actually working and progressing. Everything else was missing though.

Has anyone gotten this figured out yet?

I find when that happens I can switch to a different file then back and it corrects itself.

Thanks I will try it next time I see it

Try refreshing the browser, seems to work for me.


+1 on hitting the page refresh of the browser.


Yep, refresh the browser.


Refresh the. Browser on the touch screeen or on my laptop? I’m not showing velocity, ipm, rpm…the numbers are static no matter what project I upload … i reached out to OF and they asked me if it was showing this way while running a job or when not running a job. Honestly I need to look. I know for sure it’s showing a static feed of 100 cm or 3.94”. When standing still I’ll check it tomorrow during a project.

I have this issue intermittently only on the attached screen. Since I transfer files over the network, when looking at the OF through my computer web browser it is operating properly. I suspect the operating system is not connecting and setting its time to a network time server or for some reason is seeing a time mismatch. OF does not have a NTS time and my computer does.

Yep. That works every time.

Strange Issue:
My ‘remaining time’ and ‘line count’ have started incrementing / decrementing in ‘bunches’ rather than one second at a time. In other words the carve is going just fine but the seconds countdown may go down 3 or 5 seconds at a time. Same for the line count, it will increment several lines at a time.
Any ideas? I did move to a spindle and set the ‘Tool Configuration’ selection to ‘disabled’ as I could never get the 1F and VFD to communicate properly.

I’m not sure about the lines thing but I’d assume its pretty similar to the ESTIMATED time. If you’ve watched the lines that are read in real time, you’d see that those lines are read pretty fast. The refresh rate on the estimated time and the line count don’t need to be to the millisecond and I doubt that the raspi is capable of doing that.

I always set a timer right when I start my (multi-hour) cuts and it has never been more that 5 seconds off. I trust the estimated time to be an estimate.

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Same issue with lines displaying but no ETA.
Crossed my fingers and gritted my teeth/ it’s a long job / and refreshed browser and it worked! I had completed a job rebooted system homed and zeroed/ which had never been issues. This was a job I had run before so no idea why the problem this time. Just glad the refresh worked