Extremely Pleased

It took me years to pick up the skills and knowledge necessary to consistently produce cabinet components with this level of precision and cut quality using traditional woodworking tools. It took me a couple weeks of preparation and resolving questions and then these results were produced on the first try. Same fundamental rules - quality machine (Onefinity) and good cutters (Whiteside and Amana).

I know that the Onefinity is capable of far more intricate and artistic projects, but I have to say that I am so pleased with these results. Cutlines, shelf pin holes, perimeter cutout, and mortices for Festool Dominoes are all razor sharp and chip out-free - and this in Melamine! Dimensions are precise. The hole pattern here is Blum’s System32, specialized for Tandem hardware.

To the folks at Onefinity: What a team you are and what a great machine you have produced.