Failures on first job

New to CNC. Unsuccessful with two violent failures so far.

Elite Foreman with PWNCNC 2.2 kw water-cooled spindle. I have tried twice to do my first job on the machine to surface the spoil board. First event broke the Z-Motor. I worked with Onefinity Support to resolve that by buying a new Z-Motor and replaced it. Got the replacement installed and got the X,Y and Z axis working again.

Today tried the job again. This time the spindle started to vibrate violently and one of the hoses at the top of the motor came off and sprayed water everywhere.

The job: smoothing the spoil board with an Amana Tool RC-2257 2 1/2 D x 1/2 CH x 1/2 inch SHK Router Bit. I am using CarveCo Maker to create the gcode. I am now suspecting that I had the spindle speed too high for this bit at 18,000 rpm. I guess I do not understand what I am supposed to adjust in Carveco because I assumed if I loaded that bit in my tool library it would select the correct speed.

I have taken the spindle off and am corresponding with PWNCNC to determine if I can reassemble the spindle connections and try again safely.

However, now I am experiencing an issue with the eStop not releasing on the screen. When I power up the Masso, it displays the blinking Home button and blinking eStop. I push in the big red eStop button and release it by twisting it but the Masso screen still has the eStop blinking. Guidance and help?


Hello David and welcome,
Just some thoughts as I read your post.
If the spindle is vibrating bad enough to cause a hose to come off then something is imbalanced. That cutter is good up to 19000 RPM according to their web site.
Check that both inserts are still in the cutter. Check the spindle is clamped tight in the Z-slider. Check if the spindle is bent. You said the first event broke the Z motor. Would that incident have bent the spindle?

Hopefully it’s something much simpler.

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