Family Clocks from Spalted Maple

I made these family clocks for a couple of my children as Christmas gifts. The color and figure of the spalted maple turned out very nice. The clocks are 18" and 14" in diameter. The backs have a series of pockets in them to reduce the weight. There is also a large pocket that was finished with a profile cut using a dovetail bit so I could hang it using a french cleat. Finished with a can of satin polyurethane.


Beautiful! What did you fill the text with?
Also curious if you have a decent clock mechanism source. Those hands go great with each respecitve design. Nice choices.


The text is a V-carve. I used Oramask and then spray painted the text with flat black spray paint. After I peeled off the Oramask I sprayed the entire project with a satin polyurethane.

I got my movements and hands from Norkro clock company in Oregon.


Thanks for the details! Came out great.

Nice clocks !

Great idea for a project, looks fantastic.