Family Tree Idea's

Hi All

I’ve got a nice piece of Oak which I’d like to put a family tree on and am looking for ideas

Any body got any past projects or ideas for a family tree ?

Thanks in advance


Have you tried Google for some inspiration? There are a lot of good ideas:


Thanks Alex, I’ll take a look


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A friend of my wifes got one made up using scrabble blocks. Not CNC, but that is a project i’ll be looking at doing when my journeyman, completes his journey to down under

Here’s on I made with a oak picture frame so it will highlight whatever wall color you hand it on.


Very nice! I especially like having the frame behind the tree! Well done!

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Yes I agree, its very nice

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I saw a project on instructables awhile ago incorporating inlayed pennies, each penny minted in the birth-year of the corresponding individual on the tree.

The project, itself, looks very basic but it’s definitely a nice concept.

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