Feed and Speeds Web App

Hi Jen,
yeah I can get pretty wrapped up in a project sometimes. But mostly I twiddle here and there on it and take breaks. And I hear you on the materials. For the demo only my thought was to show off the material library but you are probably right it can get pretty annoying to keep cycling through. On the one hand that might encourage someone to make a full purchase or chase them away! I will most definitely have a drop down list with filters in the final versions. Along with the Tool selections. It was fairly easy to add a random selector for now which starts to give a clue how it will end up working. I am going to try just a sample selection of 10 materials random and see how that works out.

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I see that now. I should have played with it more…

No problem. I like to hear peoples impressions and what I need to work on to make it clearer.

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Sounds like a plan, I’m sure the end product will be amazing, thanks! :blush:


RE: CNC App v1.6

I understand the arm-twist to discourage the freeloaders, but you might be able to show more polish with a selectable pop-up, albeit with limitations…. In other words, just show a free downloadable copy with selectors:

  1. Pine
  2. Aluminum
  3. Acrylic

While the paid version unlocks the full gamut

You’ve developed wonderful code (under the hood), the aesthetics are sweet, but the random cycling is a real turn off. There’s gotta be a better way to showcase (the apps) potential, than hamstringing it with endless mouse clicks on setup-tools-materials…

Just a thought

P.S. You know I’m ready to pay for the tool once you’re ready to release the final candidate

I hear you, Jen. When I figure out how there will be drop-down menus. Limited choices for the preview version and full and expandable for the full version.
Maybe in the meantime, I could change from random to a click-through list. I think that would take away some of the aggravation until I can figure out the menus.

check out 1.6.1. Very good suggestions. I agree this would be a better way for now.

At Walgreens, I’ll look at it once I’m at the house. :grinning:


Great, improvements… Now all we need to wait on is the pop-up selector. Once that is in place we should be able to click once and select from the materials in place.

Lookin’ awesome!

Ed - nice work on the latest version. Looks like the size for Safari has been fixed - nice work.

  • I’m not a big fan of the click to ‘toggle’ through the options - I’d rather have a combo box or fields on the screen at all times (at least for a desktop). With clicking there doesn’t seem to be any to go backwards if you blow past your choice.

  • I don’t understand why when I drag the RPM slider it shows me the feed rate. I get the relationship between the two, but very counter intuitive if you want to select a RPM with the slider.

  • Help me understand what WOC is for? For pocketing? So stepover?


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Hi Tom,

Glad the screen size has been fixed. I like how it fills the screen now and the overall look.

‘toggle’ through the options

I am learning Flutter coding on the fly as I create this App. The underlying base language Dart is very similar to C++ which I have a lot of experience so the math calculation parts I can code pretty easily. I figured out the basic User Interface graphic displays but menus/drop-downs, database storage have not as easy for me to pick up. I am taking a course on Flutter so I will figure it out But for now, the easiest thing for me to do was to make some click-through buttons as a way to test out different combinations. I always had in mind to use drop-down menus but I just not there yet.

I don’t understand why when I drag the RPM slider it shows me the feed rate.

I have gone back and forth between displaying RPM or Feed Rate. Displaying the RPM is logical and that was what I had initially. Then I started to think for some people RPM is just a number and they don’t have the connection to Feed Rate. So I tried to display both RPM and Feed Rate and it seems to work. Maybe that will be more intuitive?

Help me understand what WOC is for?

Width-of-cut (WOC) and step-over are the same. WOC and DOC along with diameter and RPM make up the Material Removal Rate (MRR) and relates to the power the spindle needs. I am working on my power calculations now. I think I was way overestimating the required power.

This really matters for slot cuts i.e. you are cutting 100% of the bit diameter. For small step-over cuts, the requirements are much lower.

Long story short if you noticed I put a text label under the widgets. I will add " (Width of Cut) or (Step-Over) Adjustment"

The clearer I can make things the better for everyone especially the beginning hobbyist. so I welcome questions when something is not clear.


ps I will push out an updated version later today that addresses some of your questions.

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