Feed and Speeds Web App

For those interested in checking out a demo version of my new CNC Explorer I am developing. Here is the link to run it. I still need to work on adding features and it is somewhat early in the development but I welcome any feedback. There is a button on the bottom of the app that will send you to an information page. The app is a Progressive Web Application which means it runs entirely in your browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari) but can also be installed on your device. cnc_explorer


Interesting, I’m looking forward to testing it out in depth. Will let you know if I hit a bump…


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Eager to see what you come up with on version 2.0, this one does feel quite beta’s, also can you increase the size of the GUI, it’s incredibly teeny-tiny



What size screen are you running on. Mobile? You can scale the size with your mouse [cntrl] scroll wheel. And there is a zoom in the address bar in Chrome. I am sure Edge has a similar button. Also when the App is installed it will remember the zoom level every time it is launched. I think you will find zooming helps a lot.

BTW I just added a forum to discuss the Explorer App and you welcome to join.

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Just tried it again, seems that the zoom feature does work on Windows Chrome and I.E., but not so hot on Mac OS Safari. Works okay on Mac Chrome, The app once downloaded does seem to retain the zoom level.

Good to hear. I have heard Safari has some issues. Not even available on Windows anymore. but if it works fine on Mac Chrome we should be ok.

Yip, thanks for all your effort by the way!
How’s 2.0 comin’ along?

Well, I think it is coming along nicely. The (UI) user interface is close to where I want it to be, taking into account all the great feedback I have been receiving. It’s time now to start working on the databases and libraries which is not going to be easy tasks. You can always refresh your link or the installed app to see the latest released version. Sometimes you need to clear the browser cache with F5. For an installed app you may need to open it then close it. Next time it will update with the latest code.

At the bottom, it should now say version 1.3.0

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Okay Great, so still no Tools or Materials selections right? Not until 2.0?

Once I figure it all out, Beta testers will get those features to test before the full release. DM me your email address to add you to the list.

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Hi Ed - recommend making the app responsive to the viewing platform. Attached is what I get when I load it without mucking with the size on my mac (yes, I’m using Safari - it is my preferred browser).

When I blow it up using the zoom function, everything gets blurry and hard to read.

Are the buttons supposed to work? Nothing happens when I try to change the bit or material.


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Hi Tom,

I’m also a Mac user and I went through the same thing with safari… @EdwoodCrafting told me to use Google chrome, which actually works better. You can also download the app from chrome, that’s what I’m using now, it’s bigger and better.


Hi Tom. I don’t have Safari but Jennifer also commented about the tiny size showing. I will do some research about it and why it is doing that on Safari. Google flutter is supposed to be responsive out of the gate but of course, they support Chrome the best. The Flutter Web option was only released in March so there probably are some bugs yet to resolve. But also this is a PWA (Progressive Web App) so you can install the App on your device and it will run native. Hopefully, that will clear up the resolution issue you are seeing. Click on the “More Info” button for install instructions. And no the material and tool buttons are not functioning yet. I am working as fast as I can to get the database and menus up so we can start Beta testing. This is a demo version only so I can get some great feedback such as yours.

Thanks Ed - I have Chrome but it is not my predominate browser. The only thing I really use it for is YouTube and the OF user interface! Happy to debug further with Safari if you want.


I think this will be incredibly useful!

Thank you. That is my hope.

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Yes I think it will a lot easier to use than the Excell version

Sorry I’ve been indisposed… @EdwoodCrafting version 1.5 has taken great shape, I commend you on how much progress you’ve accomplished, Live a little my friend, no need to burn the midnight oil. I must add though, (assuming it’s not on your list of “to-do’s”), having to click through all the various wood materials can get long in the tooth, is it at all possible to have a pop-up selector, not sure about the limitations you’re up against Ed, just a thought…

Thanks, lookin’ very promising thus far! :grinning:


Hi Edward,
Was just checking out your app. One thing that I wondered about with using the Makita router and RPM is, it might be nice to see what dial setting gets us close to the recommended speed in the app. I might need change for my 2 cents. :slight_smile:

Hi Ron, So it already gets it pretty close to each dial setting. For the Makita there are the slider is divided into 6 steps from 10000 to 30000 RPM. While each step is not exactly perfect it is fairly close. I could print out the step if that would be more helpful. Only having 6 speeds is a limit on the router but also why I added the fine-tune about it so you can use the CNC Feed Rate with much higher resolution to get the exact setting you want.