CNC Explorer gave my access away?

Has anyone purchased CNC Explorer Pro and actually gotten it to work? I purchased it and was told to logout then login and I do not have the full program.

I got a strange email from that said " just checked and you registered with which was different from your PayPal email address" I have no clue who has that email but it is not me and I did not request that email address added to my account. So best case they gave someone else access to my account (which I can image will not be great to have someone else with my personal information = big risk), or worst case they have been hacked or have no sense of security for their customers.

I have tried their “Contact Us” on their website gave constant error, I have replied to the email I received and no response as of yet.

IF anyone knows anything about them let me know since I am getting concerned it’s just a scam to get my information at this point. Thank you.

Hi Brian,

FWIW I purchased CNC Explorer and it has worked fine all along. In fact, I used it just this evening. Ed Wood is a known quantity -he’s definitely not a scammer. His is a small shop - be patient and I’m sure he’ll get back to you soon.



@EdwoodCrafting : Ed, someone needs help, see above.

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Brian I have been replying to you on a number of different post but you have not replied back. Please email me at and we will straighten out your issue

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I have not received a single direct reply from you even though I emailed you at the requested address 1 hour before you made this post. Your website “contact us” errors out constantly, you have not replied to any communication I have made including to the email address you contacted me with to inform me you gave another email address access to my information, the email address you provided above, nor the paypal conflict resolution.

Please just actually respond rather than claiming to respond.
Screenshot - 1_4_2022 , 2_49_20 PM

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Brian check your email inbox I just replied back

Is this company still in business?

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