New CNC Explorer Feeds and Speeds Web App Demo

It’s been a long time in the works but the new CNC Explorer Web App is finally ready to start showing off. I have been working with Tom Sasala (CRG) developing a great tool to help our CNC community. We are officially releasing the DEMO version:cnc_explorer . As we move towards our first full commercial release things will probably change and some features may be limited in demo mode. But for now, it is a fully functioning version and we would love to learn from the community about their thoughts.


I like the concept!
Some observations though:

  • the support for metric appears not to be finalised: the feed rate is labelled mm/min but I get number for mm/min as for ipm… and the fine tune rate always remains in ipm.
  • it would be great if you could load the tools of European manufacturers, such as Fraiser, they have a tool database that they may be willing to share with you.
  • last but not I find the buttons/icons on the top (show advanced, filter,…) and bottom (home, tool,…) confusing. I would recommend one toolbar only

We haven’t yet implemented the Metric conversation yet for this demo version. It will be functional for the commercial release.

Over time we definitely will be adding libraries from tool manufactures. We just added the Jenny tools from Cadance Manufacturing & Design from Cody. I will look into Fraiser.

We have gone back and forth many times with the UI. There is a lot of information to display and exactly how to present it all has been a challenge. I think the best way to think about the controls in the top bar many affects the current screen you are looking at. The bottom bar switches between screens or different views. Of course, we are always trying to make the App more intuitive and your concerns are noted. Thank you for your great feed-back

We are happy to announce we have added the Jenny End Mill Library from CADENCE MANUFACTURING & DESIGN. Thank you Cody for allowing us to feature your great tools.

Update: The metric conversions have been implemented. If you already loaded the app or installed please do a refresh cntr-r twice to clear your browser cache and force a new download

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Good to see metric coming so fast! I have given it another try.
This is the sort of tool that I could imagine using as I try a new material or a new cutting bit but I confess that I’m not sure how I need to copy those values into Fusion 360.

Not really: the critical CNC selection is in the bottom. I was hunting for it the first time and I had to hunt again this time.

I would also suggest to implement a single scroll. There’s scrolling for the entire screen and, within that screen, scrolling for specific lists. Dual scrolling is slower and more confusing than a single scrolling.

I assume that the design is optimised for a desktop screen (or maybe an iPad in portrait mode). On a laptop it requires a lot of scrolling… which is not efficient due to the dual-scrolling.

Ben thank you very much for your thoughtful responses.

The CNC Explorer App is a PWA (Progressive Web App) and as such able to run on various screens either in a browser window or installed on a device’s desktop and run as a native app. One major target for the app will be to be made available on the App Stores. So if anything we have optimized the layout for the small mobile screens. In that case, we are very limited on-screen width in portrait mode.

But I do hear your comments on scrolling and we will review and think about what could be done to minimize the need to do as much scrolling, Also we will continue to improve the UI hopefully to make it more intuitive to use which is a major goal.

Another key goal was to make it dual purpose one to present a simple view for beginners and then the more complex view for advanced users,

Thank you for trying the App and responding, We actually do have some concepts in mind that would add value to filling back the results into your CAD software.

It’s not so much the scrolling that’s a problem but the fact that there is a scrollbar within a scrollable area.
Usually you can work around these by using tabs, searchable drop down list or closable sections such that all the information is made to fit in a single scrollable area. I know that there are no easy solution when you have long lists, as you do.

I am looking forward to future evolution.