While I waiting to receive my CNC

Hello everyone, Before I receive my CNC, Is there some kind of tutorial of videos that I can watch to explain how to to the programation? What 3d software should I use? is it possible to do that whitout the machine? I use to work on Rhino. Thank you

I just did a find in youtube.com and there are Rhino videos.

Hi Yvan - there are plenty of videos on the Internet. I will sheepishly recommend my video series explaining the end to end process, and the steps in between. Starting with this:


Thank you very much! I Will look at IT!!!

Hello Cyberreefguru, thank you again for the link. I did watch some of your videos. Is is very well explained!! It we help me a lot. I did receive my cnc yesterday :slight_smile: Everything for the set up went very well.

I have a small problem, my touchscreen change ratio and I did not know why and how. It is now in kind of wide ratio and it is praticaly impossible to touch the menu. I did change the HDMI cable but it is in the bad ratio.

Can you help me?

Thank you


Hello Yvan,
I too am waiting on my machine but I would like to suggest Fusion 360 Cad/Cam. I currently run a Haas Mini Mill out of my garage and have been using this software for several years now. The great thing about it is you can practice your 3d modelling, importing stl files etc and then setup tool paths and simulate them all in one software. Just my two cents. Plenty of great tutorials on youtube. Good luck!


Thank you very much Metalikartz, I will look at it for sure!

Hi Ivan - turn your controller off and your monitor off. Turn the monitor back on and then start the controller. It should autodetect the screen size. If that does not work, report back.


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Ok thank you Tom! :slight_smile: