Fence on a QCW woodworker?

Anyone else with a woodworker X-50 on the rolling folding stand with the quick change wasteboard created a fence for their spoilboard?

I’d like to see what you’ve added if you’ve got a solution that is working for you.

I’d like to add a fence to my CNC, it seems very useful for aligning stock and keeping it square to the machine.

Just like to see what others have done before I try to come up with something on my own.


Pics of my very first CNC project for the hell of it.

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There are some good ideas Ive seen on youtube university. :smiley: Dont hold me to this but one Is If I recall correctly is Myers woodshop and the are a few others as well. I plan to build a fence on mine once I get it up and running. Just ordered mine machine today. Excited to get started

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I’ve seen Myers’s stuff on YouTube and Etsy. I’ll give it another look. From what I recall almost all the fence kits/plans seem to be for spoilboards built into a bigger table than the quick change wasteboard provides. I’ll take some photos of mine later and post up after I put the kids to bed. I’m not too sure how a fence would fit onto my wasteboard as is.

I’m guessing I would have to offset the fence inboard of home which is not ideal, unless I do some outside of the box thinking and come up with something else, I’m not sure yet how the fence would work.

Still hoping someone else has thought about this already and I can steal some inspiration.

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The ones Ive seen are pretty simple. mounted on top of the spoil board and then they mounted it with screws and manually ran the machine along its inside edge to square it to its x and y axis of travel
I think one could also add it to the outside edge of the spoil board as well. Im the type I want it all in front of me as I design to make less mistakes

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