QCW plastic "Stand"? What is it for?

So I just got my “Machinist” Secure-From-Below QCW (Huzzah!!) with the leveling feet. Included were two plastic pieces molded to fit the round frame rails on one side, and labeled “Stand”. What the heck are they for? (Potential self-embarrassing question, I know, but…)

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They go under the back rail. When you lift the 1F up to change the waste boards place these under the back rail and lower the 1F onto them. You can now work on the boards without holding the machine up.

Thanks, Bill, good to know. I do wish I’d known that before I installed my wasteboard wood. It would have made a cat laugh to watch me balance everything while fervently wishing for a third arm. It all ended happy, though, and I’ll certainly know better next time!

Very helpful, thanks! ~Mike

Your welcome, hope it all goes well for you.