Flattening MDF spoilboard

Beginner question…

Is there a need to flatten a new MDF spoilboard? Isn’t it flat and square already?

The board(s) might be flat but your mounting might not exactly be… Flattening with the router ensures by definition that the board is flat relative to the machine.

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Good point. I thought tramming would solve that but I guess flattening is more precise.

Hi Joe - you should flatten with the router before you tram. Everything is relative to the router and gantries of the CNC. If you tram before flattening, you will like have to tram after anyway.


I’m sorry, I’m confused. How could you flatten the spoilboard without making sure the Z axis and router is perpendicular to the X and Y axis(s)?

Get the router close to perpendicular and true, flatten a board (or the washboard), that will tell you which direction the router is out of tram. Adjust the router. Flatten again. Adjust. Repeat. It’s best to use a sacrificial board rather than the whole washboard to check for flatness initially. Hope that helps.