Lines in my spoil board, I trimmed and no go

So I am setting up attempting to flatten my spoil board, and I am getting these lines in it. It’s like it needs to be trammed, although I trammed the machine with a 3d printed tram arm made yesterday. It’s mostly flat, and while the lines are visible, it’s not necessarily something I feel (although every few spots I might feel a small hump). The bumps seem inconsistent.

Future reference. I think I figured it out. My tramming was good. I had spots that would lift on my spoil board just ever so slightly, enough for me to get noticeable high and low spots, between the cuts and the shifting, it caused what appeared to be bad tramming. After fixing that and verifying it was trammed well again, and running the flattening file it didn’t have any noticeable lips.

All that said, it certainly left rows of dust that is still visible, hand on the dust clears the rows. Annoying since the dust rows made it look like it was a tramming issue. Anyways, hopefully this helps the next guy who may have an issue.

user stagger_wing stated it could just be the fibers, and I believe that to be the case.

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Sometimes this is just due to how the wood fibers get pushed by the cutter. If you cant feel it with your fingernail it probably isn’t a tramming issue. Try running the facing operation with the passes all in the same direction and see if that helps. It will take twice as long, but at least It will eliminate one variable.

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If the spoil board was significantly warped with high and low spots or not coplanar with the machine you may need to re-tram it after flattening the spoil board as the tramming operation was relative to the wonky spoilboard.

You need a good flat referecne plane to start with. Also for the Onefinity you must tram the Nod on both ends of the X.

Take a look at this video to get an idea of the reference plane idea.

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