Tramming 80mm Spindle

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Does anyone know if there’s a video anywhere for tramming an 80mm spindle, searched on here and youtube but can’t find anything


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Thanks for the link, I’m ok with the theory behind the tramming tool, I wondered where the best place was to add shims etc.

Would be great if the Onefinity guys had something the could share, perhaps already have and I’ve just missed it.

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(407) Tramming your Onefinity and Laying out a gridline on your Spoilboard - YouTube

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Depends on tram issue. I put folded layers of aluminium foil behind the zslider at the bottom. A bit of a pain should i need to change the slider height but i am anle to adjust the spindle in its clamp which is sufficient for my needs. There is a 1F video about adjusting the screws on the gantry holding the x rail. Ive not tried that. I used my foil before that came out. Foil has now been in place for many months and resurfacing waste board still looks good.



Lots of folks miss the notion of having a flat/coplanar surface to tram to and spend a lot of time tramming to a not so coplanar/flat waste board. Tramming to the waste board can be an iterative process to get it completed.

Here’s a video that shows how to get a good surface to begin with and then go from there. Yes, I recognize that not everyone has granite surface block and the gauges, but it is the concept of a coplanar surface that shines through in the video.

As you know, the Onefinity’s “Nod” has to be trammed on both ends of the X carriage using the adjusters.

I know that many folks will say all the fuss over tramming is not necessary. My view is that it is a matter of personal preference. My preference is to extract the full capability from the OF and it is important to me have it trammed as accurately as I can achieve.

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Are you out left to right or front to back?

Left to right there is play in the z mount that will allow you to get it adjusted.

Front to back you will either need spacers between the z plate and where it mounts top or bottom depending on which way its out, thats how I adjusted. What I didnt know at the time is there is adjustments on the x axis that will rotate it front to back

I’m not sure which way its out yet, as I’m still waiting for the Tram tool to arrive.

I’ve looked at the adjustment for front to back, but wonder how people adjust left to right, if they are shimming where do they put the shims?