Tramming issues on x50 80mm

I have a Journeyman 50 wall mounted in a qcw frame with 2.2kw spindle.

I laid out a wasteboard flattening file and ran it with 2" flattening bit the result was a ridge I could fully catch on fingernail and the machine stopped before it reached the end of job. I believe my drag chain was set a bit too tight when the x rail moves all the way to the left(back if it were flat). That is an easy fix. The spindle was out left to right(front to back if it were flat). I was able to get it trammed by adding 18 layers of aluminum foil on the lower end of the z mounting plate. This worked great for the first 1/3- 1/2 of the flattening job but after that the ridges appeared again.

Everything is tight Im not sure why this is happening.

It sounds as if the 4 legs are not coplanar and one is lower or higher than the other 3 causing the angle between the spindle and the wasteboard to change, with the QCW this shouldn’t be the case but something to investigate. You may want to consider surfacing with a smaller bit (painful I know) as the ridges will introduce error into the tramming process

That sounds like an awful lot of shimming required. Did you use the adjusters on the X gantry upper and lower tubes? Do you think the QCW is stiff enough to resist torsion with all the motion you are using with a wall mounting scheme?

Here’s a good video that shows the ins and outs of tramming a table top CNC. The principles are the same for the Onefinity.

I did not know there was adjustment for moving the z axis in that direction. the only thing I had found on tramming in this direction said the only was to shim with foil or other shim material.