Waste Board flattening - gone wrong. But why? (Solved, needs trammed)

Hi everyone,

after assembling my Journeyman 3 month ago i finally had the time to get back at it again.
I screwed on a waste board and designed a flattening toolpath in Fusion360.
After some trouble there (surfacing toolpath didn’t work because the path always started outside of the possible moving area of the machine) i finally found a way by using the pocket toolpath to do the job and stay within the margins.

The tool path starts in the middle and works its way out. milling 0.5mm. so far, so good.

the milling started in the middle and the result looked great but the more the machine came to the outer boarder, the more i started seeing and feeling grooves all around the piece. As if the router was slightly tilted backwards. but the the middle of the waste board doesn’t have any grooves at all. just the outer 20-30cm.

Has anyone experienced the same thing? Why might this be happening?
Very grateful for your help!

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ballscrew isn’t an issue. This is something called ‘tram’ or ‘tramming’ and has been talked about extensively on the forums here:




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perfect! thanks a lot!

In this case, it looks like you need to adjust your z gantry front to back rather than side to side. You can use the tramming bolts or shim the sindle/router.

Best of luck!


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