For sale Onefinity Journeyman X-50

Selling the complete system… upgrading to an elite 4x4 with spindle, so everything works fine:

  • JourneyMan, with Onefinity controller and touchpad
  • QCW frame (secure from below, MDF installed)
  • Rowdy Roman Boom
  • Suckit dust boot
  • Carbide create router
  • Wireless Joystick
  • Drag Chain Kit (not installed, Christmas present)

Price: $3250
Location: Cincinnati Ohio, prefer not to ship but have the boxes, except for QCW box

I am saving up for one of these but have not gotten far along. I wish I was closer in having it as I an in KY.

By the way are you up grading or just selling out so to speak?


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Upgrading a lot of items… The Journeyman is a good machine, and I think the BuildBotics controller is a lot easier to use then the Masso. The Masso comes with a LOT of options which can be overwhelming when you are learning.

I will be:

  • Increasing size to a 4x4
  • Going with the Masso so I can
    - Add a tool changer (later as I save my pennies)
    - Add a bit setter
  • Adding a 2.2 Kw water cooled spindle
    - I want to spin 1/2" bits

So with this many changes it made sense to sell rather than upgrade.

It really all depends on your skill level and what you want to do with the machine. For me it will be part of the family with the other machines I have. I considered going with an Avid 4x4 but Onefinity has been good for me, so I am am sticking with the brand.

I am a retired Mech. Engineer who started a small business … someday I hope to make more than I spend. But I look to batch out things like 4 matching oak end tables, or 6 rolling cabinets. So you can see where my needs are going.

If you want to start out making signs, catch all trays and such the Journeyman in my mind is a fine machine. To be honest if I were smart I would wait 6-9 months for all the folks who have never done this but bought the elites. Then realized three things:

  • The learning curve can be steep
  • Etsy drive the price down
  • Everybody and their mother now owns a CNC

I am guessing along side all those broken New Years resolutions, will be the used CNCs.

Ok I will get off my soapbox now… have a good one.

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Thanks for the reply. I can see why you would upgrade. My goals are much less. I want it for my own pleasure and family gifts and such. I may sell a few things but that is not the main reason I want one. In my studies on the units I read a lot about the Masso, but I also think that the BuildBotics would do all I would ever need considering my goal in getting one. I am about 3 years from retirement and trying to get what I want before then.

I also have some other machines in the shop, wood work and metal work. I am not an engineer but make a few parts I want and made some where I used to work. Anyway if something were to break loose for me I might give you shout and drive there and get it. I am in western KY. I think it’s about four hours or so to where you are.

I have downloaded Vcarve Pro and making drawings to learn to help get a head start.

Good day sir.


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Oh I forgot to add when I am done I will be over double the cost of a router based Journeyman. So again the Journeyman is in my opinion a good option to get started and see if you like it.

If you have experience with CAD, I have been using FreeCad to generate code for the 1F. Yes FreeCad is free and Open Source. I just completed a 6 foot tall model of a building from my alma mater. When it is given as a gift, I will post project details. I also own a copy of VCarve Pro and think I do use them 50/50.

Here is a YouTube on FreeCad showing a CNC in use: Creating a wooden Desk Caddy in FreeCAD (Part Design, Sketcher, Assembly4, Path) - YouTube (not a 1F machine) And he makes things more complicated by “stacking” layers instead of one thick piece.

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