FreeCAD 3D Milling - openCAMlib

openCAMlib used with FreeCAD enables curved surface milling (roughing pass) and waterlining (finishing pass)

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I hope this topic sparks some interest. So Many people are using expensive alternatives to FreeCAD and I think it might be that many want to do 3D milling. FreeCAD comes stock as a ‘2.5D’ installation. I need my machine to be able to carve and smooth curved surfaces and for the longest time I thought I might be at a dead end. I more or less stumbled upon openCAMlib after I selected ‘Path/Surface’ [] and found it to be sitting there, dormant.

The short story is that I was able to install openCAMlib and have run a couple initial tool path simulations. I still need to work out a few knowledge hurdles but what I saw shows promise!

Following the test shown above I created a dome and made it through the roughing pass but I still need to properly configure the finishing pass job