Fusion 360 Tool Database for Two Moose Design Bits?


I just received three big boxes in the mail and I went with the Two Moose Design 4 Piece bit set so I’d have something to start with, but I can’t find a Fusion 360 tool library for them. I’ll probably get to know the machine using Easel, but do eventually want to move to Fusion 360 because I’m already familiar with it from the design side.

Does anyone have a library they’d be willing to share, or is there something equivalent in another library?

1/4" Downcut 2 Flute Spiral - 1"LOC
1/8" Downcut 2 Flute Spiral- 1" LOC
Bowl & Tray 1/4" Radius x 3/4" Cut
90 Degree Engraving Router V-Bit

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve only done CNC virtually as I waited for the machine to arrive and just realized that there’s a whole physical side to it now. Thanks!

The spiral bits and V bit are from bits&bits and the bowl bit is whiteside

1/4" downcut
1/8" downcut
90 degree V
Bowl bit

Bits&bits has a fusion360 .tool file on this page and Whiteside has one here


Oh, that’s excellent! Thanks for the help so quickly.

I’ll make sure and give back the forums when I know more. :slight_smile: