Makita Router "Toolholder" for Fusion

I don’t expect to have a length issue with the 1/4" tool in the screenshot, but I was using a 1/16" ball endmill for something else and needed to make sure it wasn’t going to run into the part. I found a model of the Makita router and copied the toolholder geometry from it. I’ll have to measure the router to be sure, but it looks good enough for now.

You can grab the toolholder here and drop it into Fusion, or copy the geometry above into a new toolholder. (1009 Bytes)

I did basically the same thing a month or so back!

Hi, at the moment I’m learning how to use Fusion 360. It took me some time to figure out how to design stuff. But now is stand before the next challenge. CAM is completely new to me. I’m strugling with the setup. Do you have a file with all specs of the Onfinity woodworker?

I don’t. A model like this for the Machinist would be great if anyone has it.