Fusion tool paths and holders

So I’m new to fusion and cnc. I’ve created a nice litlle sign and now I’m ready to carve. After watching several different YouTube videos. I’m haven’t trouble figuring out what tool holder to use for the Makita router. So.wich tool holder are my fellow fusion users? Using?

Not sure what you mean by tool holder… I select the onefinity machine and the tool itself from my tool library.

The tool holder in fusion is just for the simulation. From setup I usually just hide the holder and just view the cutter as I don’t see much value in seeing the holder. So I’d suggest picking any holder from the fusion library and then hide it.

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Ok awesome. Thank you so much. I’m new to this.

You’re welcome. I think eventually having a holder in the simulation could be helpful (a deep cut and making sure the holder doesn’t hit the stock on the side of the pocket during the cut). But you and I are both new to this and I think it will be a while before I’m doing that sort of cutting.

The CAM portion in Fusion can be used for any cnc machine. Large and small.
The tool holder portion would be used by people who program for different machines that would use different holders… CAT40, CAT50, there are many other different ones.
Basically it’s just to keep track of your library of tooling, for a variety of machines… if you have a few.
As for simulation, you can ignore the holders. It’s irrelevant +/-.
During the simulation, there should be a warning if a collision is detected… based on the tool length that you programmed.
Flute length or Tool stick out from the holder.

Ok. Thank you. I’m very new at this and wasn’t sure if mattered or Not. I was abke to make my cut yesterday. Once I understand this process It will be much easier.

Hi Shawn - looks like you got your answer, but I released a video on Fusion and tool paths if you are interested.



Cool. thanks, I’ll watch it