Fusion 360 Tools Database

Hi there,

Do anyone have a fusion 360 tool database to share, I am all new to this and it is overwhelming to setup up everything with feed rate, Rpm, etc for a newbie!

Maybe a generic, something basic for a base to get started with CAM in fusion 360.

Maybe :wink: @cyberreefguru have one for it budgets bits from this youtube video CNC Router Bits for Beginners - YouTube


Whiteside and Amana both have Fusion tool databases you can download from their website.

Even with my off brand cheap bits I can normally find something close and modify it.

Hi Mike - I’m happy to share what I have - hopefully I can get to it today. As Nick said, Amana has a full database for all their tools as well. I don’t know about Whiteside, so that is most excellent.



Thanks in advance, I bought the budgets bits you have listed on your youtube video. It will be cheaper if I screw something lol.

Hi Mike - I cleaned up my tool database and exported it. Hopefully this goes through. In the end the Fusion database is just a JSON file, so it’s pretty easy to look at.

crg_fusion_library.zip (4.3 KB)

Additionally, @EdwoodCrafting and I are working on an app to help beginners calculate feeds/speeds. It should be out in the near future - I won’t hazard a guess at when though ;).


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Thank you, I can’t wait to try your app.

I now have a new tool library in fusion, everything work out.

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Yeah, it’s coming along nicely but so much work goes into it. I too am a little leary of setting a date but I will say by this summer. There I set a goal!

Is there a status on the app @EdwoodCrafting or @cyberreefguru ? And big thanks for the tool catalogue.

Hello Dale - it was officially released last Sunday - there was a note on the forums somewhere. https://www.cncexplorer.com/