Fusion 360 plasma user

I am waiting on table to be delivered. I have a Journeyman on the way. I have a Longmuir 40x30 CNC Plasma table and have been using Fusion for about a year now. Is there a big learning curve going from the two?
I have drawn and cut a few dozen projects and I am ok on F360 now, but looking at toolpaths and all that seems way different.
Thanks all for any input.

Yes and no. Before getting onefinity, I used F360 for CAD for a yearish. CAM is a whole new design space to learn for me. The time I spent learning it, however, meant i was familiar with how fusion works and where to look when things aren’t going well. That said, no machinist background meant I spent lots of time with YouTube learning both the terminology and understanding how to sequence operations. So yes, your f360 experience will make using it much easier. And no, I imagine plasma cutting is only a little related to feeds n speeds, surface finishing strategies, and work holding much like my wood working experiences helped a little. But going from bandsaws and router tables to onefinity was only a little helpful.

Welcome to the onefinty tribe!

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