Nice primer for the absolute beginner

Not onefinity specific but a pretty good primer for those with zero experience.


I’ve done a couple videos on CAD/CAM if anyone is interested. I could use a few more subs too if you are so inclined :slight_smile:



Thanks this was great for understanding the terminology. Now if I could find one for Fusion 360, step by step for absolute beginners.

This is one of the sites I visit regularly - you may find it useful:

For learning the F360 CAD side of things I really like the videos put out by Kevin Kennedy.

There are dozens on YouTube, just find somebody who you like their style. Personally, I like Tyler Beck.


I found this one particularly helpful as based on my level of experience in fusion. Onefinity Tutorial - Design Your Own Spoilboard Using Fusion 360 - YouTube
Thanks @TDE

Hopefully it will be useful to the next person.