Getting started guides

Does anybody know of any really good getting started videos? I have VCarve Pro right now, but could use something easier/free. Completely new to CNC and cad, but would love a step by step video for creating a first project with both onefinity CNC and preferably VCarve Pro. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Do you have the paid version of VCarve Pro? If yes, the Avalon tutorial is pretty good stating place: Tutorial Browser - VCarve Pro | Vectric


This is a great set of tutorials by Mark Lindsay.


Check out Garrett Fromme’s IDC Woodworker’s series. He’s got a bunch of basic new to CNC ones that are pretty well presented.

I’m a Fusion360 user recently tried VCarve and it seems like things are even harder to intuit there.
I would recommend you explore the various tools out there and maybe land on one that is more intuitive for you!

Fusion360 also has a huge resource/learning library.