Software needed

Is there any software I may need to down load prior to getting my 1F, buildbotics? Ty

Only software you need is something for design (cad) and gcode generation (cam). Don’t need anything specific to the onefinity itself.

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If cnc is brand new to you,you probably will want to buy Vcarve Pro, not cheap but will put you out in front of things.
This one program includes both cad and cam.

Has anyone heard of or used PixelCNC CAM software?

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I had not until just now. If I was just starting out and didn’t have an investment in my current workflow I’d give it a good looking over.

For a lot of people this might be a good cheaper solution. The real question is is there a suitable post processor?

@jake - just my opinion, but if you are new to CNC, I would not invest in Vectric yet. Get comfortable with the workflow of CAD and CAM, grow your knowledge and skills, then make larger investments in more capable software (unless you have the spare cash). Fusion 360 is full featured and free for hobbyist, but might not be the easiest to learn (especially the CAM and manufacturing side).

The PixelCNC software seems pretty good - anyone have experience with it? I’m curious if it supports v-carving and is a good alternative to Vectric for detailed inlays?